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  • Sarah Isbister

Small kitchen ideas – 50 ways to make the most of a small space

Maximise your small kitchen with expert layout tips and space-saving design solutions

As with any kitchen, large or small, you need to think about the journey. How do you use the space? There's a triangle of use within every kitchen, the journey made from fridge to sink to oven – the key elements that need to be considered. Plan your layout around the best way to use the floorspace. Look to use vertical solutions to make the most of every storage space available.

With small kitchen design, considering appliances would be a good starting point. Any large appliances such as washer/dryers that can multitask are worth considering. Integrating appliances wherever possible will also help open up a space visually and create clean lines. Housing small appliances also makes a difference – boiling taps and integrated microwaves and coffee machines free up valuable space and keep surfaces clear from bulky microwaves and kettles, to create the illusion of more space and a more minimal aesthetic.

Lighting is one of the biggest elements of the room’s design which is often overlooked at the early stages. This can actually make a big difference to how spacious small kitchen ideas feel when finished and should really be incorporated into the initial layout so that electrical planning can take place early on.

Here are our 50 ideas that might help you make a start:

1. Use open shelving instead of upper cabinets to create an open and airy feel.

2. Install a retractable or foldable table that can be tucked away when not in use.

3. Utilise vertical space by installing hooks for hanging pots, pans, and utensils.

4. Opt for a single-bowl sink to maximize counter space.

5. Use a magnetic strip or wall-mounted rack for storing knives and other metal tools.

6. Install a pegboard on the wall for customisable storage options.

7. Use stackable storage containers to maximize pantry space.

8. Consider a kitchen cart with wheels for additional storage and prep space.

9. Hang a mirror on the wall to create an illusion of a bigger space.

10. Use under-cabinet lighting to brighten up the kitchen and make it appear larger.

11. Install a slide-out pantry or spice rack for easy access to ingredients.

12. Use a tension rod to create additional storage by hanging baskets or bins.

13. Utilise the space above the cabinets for storing rarely used items.

14. Opt for a compact dishwasher to save space.

15. Install a pull-out cutting board that can be easily stored when not in use.

16. Use a narrow rolling cart for additional storage and as a portable prep space.

17. Mount a pot lid rack on the inside of a cabinet door to save space.

18. Utilise the inside of cabinet doors with adhesive hooks for holding measuring spoons and cups.

19. Use a magnetic spice rack on the side of the fridge or inside a cabinet door.

20. Consider a wall-mounted folding drying rack to save counter space.

21. Utilise the space above the stove by installing a shelf for spices and cooking essentials.

22. Use a magnetic memo board or chalkboard for writing grocery lists and recipes.

23. Opt for a single-bowl sink with a built-in cutting board for extra workspace.

24. Use a hanging fruit basket to free up counter space.

25. Install a slim, slide-out pantry between the fridge and wall.

26. Use stackable storage bins in the fridge and freezer to maximize space.

27. Utilise the inside of cabinet doors with adhesive organizers for holding aluminum foil, plastic wraps, and other kitchen essentials.

28. Install a wall-mounted pot rack to free up cabinet space.

29. Use a wall-mounted paper towel holder to save counter space.

30. Utilise the space above the fridge for storing rarely used items.

31. Install a corner sink to create more counter space.

32. Use a rolling cart with shelves for additional storage and as a portable bar cart.

33. Opt for a slim-profile refrigerator to save space.

34. Use a tiered wire basket for storing fruits and vegetables.

35. Install a fold-out ironing board inside a cabinet door for multi-purpose use.

36. Utilise the space above windows or doorways for extra storage.

37. Consider a pull-out trash and recycling bin to save floor space.

38. Use a tension rod and S-hooks to hang cleaning supplies inside a cabinet.

39. Opt for a microwave with a built-in range hood to save counter space.

40. Install a hanging pot and pan rack from the ceiling.

41. Use a tiered spice rack for easy access to spices without taking up counter space.

42. Utilise the inside of cabinet doors with adhesive hooks for holding oven mitts and pot holders.

43. Install a narrow shelf above the sink for dish soap and other frequently used items.

44. Use a magnetic knife strip on the side of a cabinet for easy access.

45. Opt for a compact refrigerator and freezer combo to save space.

46. Utilise the space above the stove for hanging cooking utensils.

47. Install a fold-down table on the wall for dining or extra prep space.

48. Use stackable storage baskets on top of the fridge for additional storage.

49. Opt for a wall-mounted drying rack for dishes instead of a traditional dish rack.

50. Utilise the space under the sink with stackable bins for organizing cleaning supplies.

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