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  • Sarah Isbister

Kitchen spraying trends for 2022

Across the kitchen industry there are some trends that we too are seeing coming through in the kitchen spraying world. The desire for sleek, modern finishes, the incorporation of pink tones into the kitchen colour combination and the love of earthy tones.

Requests for more earthy tones for kitchens are increasing. This could be grey, green or earthy browns. Combining these colours with a neutral shade on top cupboards or islands is also popular. We are now seeing more and more the desire to have combinations of colours. This could be top cupboards and bottom; it might be island and surrounding. Whichever way you combine it is important to get the right combination and we can help advise you on this. Earthy tones might include:

  • Plummet

  • Elephant’s Breath

  • Drop Cloth

  • Pavilion Grey

  • Chartwell Green

  • Palm

  • Blackened

  • White Tie

  • Dimpse

The other strong colour trend is to utilise dark colours, dark grey, off black and deep blues and highlight them with warm pink tones. This could be rose handles, pink tiles or splashbacks or accompanying paint and accessories to add that extra elegance. Alternatively, you could have white or brass highlights that offset the dark cupboards. This could be handles, worktops, splashbacks or accessories. Take a look at some of our most popular colours at the moment:

  • Hague Blue

  • Railings

  • Off Black

  • Deep Space Blue

  • Stifkey Blue

  • Pitch Black

We are also seeing demand for features. This might be a standout wall, a different feature colour for a kitchen island or having an aga resprayed to enhance the wonderful stand-out feature. So, have a think about what your feature is in your kitchen, what do you want to achieve. Are you looking for warm, comfortable, relaxing, earthy tones or are you looking for standout dark cupboards with contrasting features to make a statement and create a really modern finish?

Our advice would be to have a look at our galleries to see the paint colour in action, download our chart and then check out samples in the kitchen if you can as light affect the colour greatly. Speak to us and we can talk you through the options for your kitchen respray. Call us today.

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